Welcome to Good Dogma!

Founded by Lisa Ellman and bmauiandlisaased in San Luis Obispo, California, with private instruction appointments also available in the L.A. area (and points in between), Good Dogma has been providing canine education, obedience training and behavior modification to dogs and their owners since 1996.
We are committed to providing education, resources and tools for humans to build successful and rewarding relationships with their canine companions. 

Good Dogma will teach you to utilize more efficient communication techniques with your dog, leading to decreased response time. We help you establish and facilitate rules and boundaries for your dog, without punishment, creating a stronger bond of trust and understanding and prompting the cessation of destructive, inappropriate behavior. These new skills will promote and maintain the structure necessary to keep your pack happy and safe for many years to come.

When people don’t make time to train or establish leadership, dogs can become unruly and, at times, impossible to control. Unwilling or unable to address the situation, owners often relegate their dogs to the backyard, or surrender them to the pound. Over half the dogs at shelters are brought in by their frustrated owners, not picked up as strays.

Good Dogma knows that behavior can be changed. Contact us today, and let’s get started creating that special bond!