Behavior Help

Every dog can learn new tricks. Join one of our behavior help classes today and see the difference our expert training can make in your dog’s behavior.

“Drop in” Beginner Group Class

This class is targeted for any dog over 4 months with little or no prior training. The class combines socialization, basic commands and playtime. Using games and (optional) clicker training, we include focus and impulse control activities. Environmental socialization utilizes other dogs, strangers and distractions, like balloons and bubbles. We also address solutions for behaviors such as barking and jumping. More serious behavior problems, such as aggression (with people or dogs) or fearfulness will not be discussed at length in class. These issues may call for more extensive work, likely requiring a home visit by a positive reinforcement trainer.

Location: Cloisters, Morro Bay
Class Time: 10:30:00
Class Info:
  • $25 per drop in, pay on site. Bring LOTS of high value treats, a 5-6' leash and a long (15-25') training line. NO retractable leashes or "choke" chains allowed. Pre registration required.  Next class Friday, September 30. Weather permitting. Always check website for updates the night before.

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“Drop in” Intermediate Group Class

Our intermediate class is open to dogs of any age (over 6 months) with adequate responses to basic commands. The class will review these commands, then take them to the next level. Employing distractions and increased duration, we will challenge and strengthen your dog’s responses. The class addresses impulse control by practicing “leave it” and “halt” cues and also incorporates loose leash walking, games and tricks.  An action-packed challenge for both you and your dog!

Location: Cloisters, Morro Bay
Class Time: 11:15:00
Class Info: $25 per drop in, pay on site. Bring LOTS of high value treats a 5-6' leash and a long (15 - 25') training line. NO retractable leashes or "choke" chains allowed. Pre registration required. NEXT CLASS September 30. Weather permitting. Please check website Thursday evenings for class updates.
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5 week Basic Obedience Class

This beginners class, for any dog over 4 months, will demonstrate and teach basic commands, (e.g. come, stay, leave it). We introduce the practice of canine manners, including impulse control and walking nice on the leash. We will make use of props, play and positive socialization activities to get your pup comfortable with other dogs and people. Cost for class is $175 and is limited to 8 dogs. Please be sure to get your payment in 1 week prior to start date to reserve you place.

Location: 340 Tally Ho, Arroyo Grande
Class Time: 10:00:00
Class Date: 09/10/2022 to 10/08/2022
Class Info: You will need a standard 5-6' leash. Please no pinch collars, choke chains or retractable leashes. Bring LOTS of high value treats for your dog.
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Group Training Walk

The Group Training Walk incorporates both mental and physical exercise for you and your dog. This weekly, Thursday evening, 60 minute, walk gets you and your dog active while reinforcing basic obedience  commands and acquiring new learning. Bring lots of  high value treats for your pup! Cost is $30 per dog. Please no retractable leashes, choke chains or pinch collars. All walks take place in the Estero Bay area and locations change weekly. The group will be cancelled for bad weather or if the minimum number of participants is not met. Contact Good Dogma if you have any questions. The group is kept to only 6 dogs so be sure to register early.

Location: Estero Bay area
Class Time: 17:00:00
Class Date: 09/08/2022 Class Info: TRAINING WALKS ARE NOW SCHEDULED FOR THURSDAYS at 5pm.   Meeting location for 9/29 walk is Los Osos. Meet at the Red Barn.  Pre registration required. Pay on site.  No retractable leashes or choke chains. Remember to bring lots of high value treats for your pup!
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Reactive Rover Workshop

If your dog lunges, barks or goes nuts at the sight of other dogs when out for a walk, this 40 minute workshop will focus on the “reactive” behavior and give you the tools to manage it. While frightening and unpleasant, this behavior more often indicates excitement or fear rather than aggression. Frequently, it can be “the other end of the leash” (the human) that reinforces the behavior, albeit inadvertently. The workshop will help you anticipate a reactive burst, and teach you and your dog calm alternative responses in order to manage and recondition the behavior. Reinforcement of basic commands will also be incorporated. The workshop is limited to five dogs per session. The cost is $30. No discounts applicable.

Location: Cloisters Park
Class Time: 13:00:00
Class Date: 10/01/2022 Class Info: Workshops take place the first Saturday of the month. Next meeting is October 1. Please bring a lot of high value treats for your dog. NO retractable leashes or choke chains allowed. Pre registration is required. Cost is $30. Pay on site. Contact Good Dogma if you have any questions.
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Lisa does a great job! My dog’s behavior has improved tremendously!

John and Lacy

I appreciated that you were always willing to work on individual problems. I was ready to give up on Gus.

Judy S.

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