Good Dogma’s Dogma

jakeyGood Dogma offers real life solutions to training and behavior issues. Our primary focus and goal is to educate dog owners on how to employ more effective canine communication techniques when training and attempting to resolve problem behaviors. This enhanced communication also creates a stronger, increasingly positive relationship with your dog. We encourage using everyday as a training opportunity.

Good Dogma offer group classes that are relaxed, fun and small so that we can provide every student with personalized attention. Our multi level classes focus on basic obedience, impulse control and socialization. We also offer Canine Good Citizenship training and testing, thearpy dog assessment and supervised field trips! 

Good Dogma guides people to recognize and reinforce good behavior more often than using corrections to eliminate “bad” behavior. Our training philosophy emphasizes positive reinforcement and patience, letting the dog know what you want it to do and earning praise, rather than telling it what not to do. This contributes to faster conditioning of the desired behavior. Our training practice forbids any and all negative physical interactions between human and dog. We believe that these actions do not solve problems and, in fact, may create bigger ones. Physical punishment does not resolve issues, and when used incorrectly or too harshly (especially at certain stages of puppyhood) it has a good chance of producing lifelong negative behavior in the dog. In our training, body language and commands act as distractions to unwanted or unacceptable behavior, and serve to refocus the dog.

Dog cartoonWe believe it is essential to understand what is driving problem behavior; the difference between a dog problem and a human problem. It is critical in training to understand if the canine misbehavior arises from nature or nurture. When you learn to recognize the difference, and understand the how and why of your dog’s behavior, training becomes more efficient and effective.

Good Dogma always takes your dog’s personality into consideration and realizes that every dog learns at its own pace. We work with you to explore and bring out the best results for you and your dog; to realize a productive, loving, stress-free partnership.