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Good Dogma now offers drop in pet sitting* for all types of pets, from amphibians to zebras!

Prices for drop ins start at $30 for 30 minutes for 2 pets. Each additional animal is $10.
There is an additional $10 charge for puppies under 6 months. Depending on your location, prices may vary.

Dog walking rates  start at $30 for 30 minutes    $50 for 1 hour  (depending on your location, prices may vary)

Good Dogma is not currently taking new clients for overnight pet sitting

Please contact Good Dogma through the form below for more information.

Cash, check or Venmo accepted

*includes walking, feeding, playtime and hanging out with your pet!

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My husband and I truly appreciated the education Lisa provided us with for a happy, healthy relationship with our two young German Shepherds. It’s all about the foundation. There was several things that we were unaware of that we were doing incorrectly, such as the importance of one word having one meaning. She certainly has the touch…she knows dogs and she knows the importance of our (human) roll in their lives. I recommend contacting Good Dogma for any and all of your canine concerns.

Erica A.

Lisa is definitely experienced and really understands how dogs think, but also was very clear that we have to get to know our unique puppy and find what works for our family. She is a great communicator and clearly modeled all of the things we would need to know about how to help our dog adjust to our home and our family, then followed up with discussion, guided practice, and thorough notes we got to keep as reminders. I admired the way she set up situations to help us get to know our dog… and the calm way she dealt with our mistakes. She worked really well with our 6 year old, helping her learn how to have the dog see her as a leader…We highly recommend her!

Sarah G.

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