Established in the memory of two of our most beloved canine students, Good Dogma and the Mott-Lindsey family are pleased to announce the Xena & Sophie Memorial Dog Training Scholarship. This fund has been established to provide assistance to people who are in need of dog training but are unable to participate in classes due to financial constraints. Our mission is to provide assistance for accessible, affordable training to help keep dogs out of shelters. Good Dogma will be donating a percentage of class registration fees to this scholarship fund, and we are also accepting donations. No contribution is too small to help provide basic obedience training for every deserving dog and human. Please spread the word among your friends and family. To make a donation or to get more information, contact us at or call us at 805-528-8383. Good Dogma and the Mott-Lindsey family appreciate your love and support of this cause.

The Xena & Sophie Memorial Scholarship Application

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Please check back with us in January 2012.
Please provide complete answers to each question.
Please enter N/A for any questions that do not apply.
    The scholarship is not available to individuals who acquired their dog from a breeder (professional or backyard) or pet store. You will need to provide proof that your dog was adopted through a shelter, rescue organization, or "re-homed." Check all of the above to confirm: