Love your sense of humor and admire your patience. You make the class lots of fun.

Puppy Class student

Lisa did an excellent job. We now have tools to move forward. Plan to do more training in the future.

Pat H.

Great class, good info, relaxed atmosphere. Thank you.

Phil and Chrissy

This class was as much fun for me as it was for my puppy!

Lucy and Portia

I really liked having my dog in a supervised group! It was so much help in socializing as well as training.

Marie M.

Each time I take a class, we seem to learn more.

Marie and Isabella

This class was very informative and fun! Look forward to coming here every week!

Diane, Scooby, Robby & Shaney

Involvement with each student was excellent! They understood and suggested real solutions.

Cynthia and Lucky

It was a relaxed and fun experience! I definitely saw behavior improvement!

Pam and Dora

Everything exceeded our expectations!

Rick, Donna & Zoey

Maggie’s accomplishments were way more than I expected. Excellent Training!

Susan M.

Maddie (our six month old Labradoodle) just finished the ‘elementary obedience’ class with Lisa Ellman and her assistant Vicki. The five week one-hour class was extremely effective. Maddie learned basic obedience and most importantly, I learned how to work with her. We saw all participants, both dogs and humans, make huge gains. The class was relative small and all of us received the individual attention we needed. Lisa and Vicki were very much aware of the personalities of each dog and adjusted the instruction as appropriate. Maddie looked forward to learning and seeing her ‘pals’ each week, and I looked forward to going home with a dog who understood basic expectations.

Lee and Maddie

I appreciated that you were always willing to work on individual problems. I was ready to give up on Gus.

Judy S.

Great investment! I am a better trained owner and Dodger is a happy dog!! I appreciated the compassion and dedication and especially the dog park field trip.

Barbara J.

Great class! Perfect start to our puppy training. Praia and my family learned a lot!! Sometimes we all need to be held accountable and this class has helped keep me accountable to training Praia everyday. Thanks!

Chelsea B.

Great class, very informative and not intimidating. Very inviting atmosphere and instructors. Mika learned a lot and enjoyed her time in class.

Jhermaine M.

Lisa does a great job! My dog’s behavior has improved tremendously!

John and Lacy

The instructor was very knowledgeable and prepared. She truly understood the dog’s behavior. I would recommend this class to all dog owners. We benefited greatly from it. Thanks!

Cindy and Jake