Training the Human


Address physical/psychological needs of your dog: Leadership, exercise, food, shelter, trust, connection.

Remain in the “Leadership” zone (calm and assertive) at all times – change the balance/dynamics of the relationship.

Your dog is always keeping tabs on your “energy” (stressed, calm, excited, nervous, etc.) and reacting to that energy.

A Purebred dog is still a dog. See them as dogs, not as breeds – but do consider the special needs of the breed (eg border collies, viszlas, beagles, etc.).

Training is “superficial”. The goal is to have your dog respond to you as a “leader” utilizing your energy, vocalizations and body language Vs. the sound of a “command”.  Alpha dogs “train” their packs this way. It’s about energy and leadership.

It’s critically important to understand the way your dog thinks. Pay attention to the dog’s body language to understand how your dog is feeling and to anticipate behaviors so that you can preempt them before the fact.

When you say, “We’ve tried everything”, think about this: did you use dog psychology or human psychology? Anger, frustration and punishment are not part of a dog’s psychology. The dog fails when the human fails.

Don’t make excuses for your dog’s behavior…train for new appropriate behaviors from your dog.

Focus on your goal(s) for the dog, try not to get distracted by the dog’s behavior.

Lack of structure, routine and schedule creates chaos for both you and the dog.